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Hi Hunters 👋🏼

This thing you are reading now is powered by a Note. Thank you for giving me feedback on Collected Notes!

Less than a month ago I decided to build an app for myself to solve a very specific problem: I want to be able to take notes on my phone (so I can update them instantly), share some of them online, and publish some of those notes on my personal blog — oh, an I also want an API!

Long story short, I started a private beta a couple weeks ago and more than 700 people signed up. This past Saturday I enabled paid subscriptions and more than 30 people became premium with ten folks migrating their personal blogs to it! 🤯

I think there’s demand for an easy to use native note taking app that can serve as an online publishing platform. Of course, this is just a theory so I would love to see if you all find it useful.


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almost 4 years ago

Collected Notes