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Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac & Web.

100% Native. Speed matters.

Collected Notes is packed with features only found on native apps.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Perform most actions right from the keyboard. It's great on iPad.

Share Extension

Select text from any app and embed it into a note instantly.

Slide Over & Split View

Write your notes alongside other apps. The UI adapts itself to the way you want it.

Apple Pencil

Quickly sketch your ideas, without leaving the editing experience.

Small app size

The whole app weights less than 10MB. Seriously.

Blazing fast.

It's the fastest note taking app. Most hybrid apps are not even close.

Face ID & Touch ID

Add an extra level of security to your notes to keep them private.

Quick actions

Long press on the icon and jump directly into a new note.


Start working on your iPhone and continue on your iPad or Mac seamlessly.


Sometimes it's hard to type on the go. Tap on the app icon and select “dictate note”. Just talk to it.

Dark Mode

Beautiful light or dark themes. The app and web interfaces adapt to your preference automatically.

Keychain Support, Landscape mode, 3D Touch support, quick swipe actions, and a whole lot more.

Great iPad experience

We've put a lot of effort into making the keyboard experience on iPad delightfully simple.

Available on the Web too

In addition to the native apps you can access and edit your notes on the web. It's just as fast.

It's more than a note taking app, it's a platform.

Static websites

Use Collected Notes as a headless CMS to power a static website. Your static website will update automatically!

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Automate the creation of your notes. Get them in different formats and a whole lot more.

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Ideal for custom flows and automations. We'll call you when there are changes on your notes.

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Create incredibly powerful integrations that push the limit of what's possible.

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