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Initial support for front matter

Front matter allows people to embed metadata information inside notes. One common use case is to use Collected Notes as a CMS for posts containing extra information (like tags, custom layouts, or additional metadata).

Custom paths

Front matter allows you to customize the path for a note (instead of using the default path generated from the note title).

Here’s one example of a note containing a custom path, instead of the generated one:

path: some-custom-path

# testing how front matter takes precedence over this title

Isn't this great!?

Custom image headers

Another trick you can do is add an image inside front matter and that will be used as the embed image for the note. (That’s what I did for this note 😅)

title: Initial support for front matter
tag: front matter, markdown, blogging
image: ![frontmatter](

# Initial support for front matter

What’s coming up

We’re about to launch support for external static websites powered by Collected Notes. I think this will be a huge opportunity, allowing people to create custom websites with the convenience of updating them directly from Collected Notes. No re-deploy necessary.

Our first integration will work with Vercel, updates soon!

almost 4 years ago

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